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Surveillance Video Fuels Criminal Charges Against Two Cleveland Firefighters

A surveillance video has been released showing the crash of a Cleveland ladder truck in a parking lot last June. Two firefighters, the driver and the officer, have been charged criminally with submitting false reports about how the accident occurred. Fire Captain Ron Vargo and Firefighter Richard Nickerson blamed the crash on a vehicle that cut them off...

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False Alarm Prank Leads to $258k Suit

The false alarm prank that cost an acting fire chief his job and led to criminal charges, has now led to a civil lawsuit. Marilyn Garcia filed suit last month against the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts and former Acting Fire ...

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Firefighter Sues Fire Chief for LODD Accident

The estate of a Virginia volunteer firefighter killed in a LODD roll-over accident has filed a wrongful death suit against the estate of the fire chief and another driver. The suit seeks $2 million in damages. Firefighter William D. Altice ...

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Louisiana Chief Sued for Accident

A fire chief in Louisiana has been sued for an accident that occurred in 2010. Fire Chief Marty Thibodeaux of the Little Caillou Volunteer Fire District was responding to a call in a department-owned SUV when he rear-ended a boat ...

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Kansas City Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Kansas City, Missouri reached a $280,000 settlement with Hope Nkani and Gift Nkani, parents of  7-year-old  boy Obarimomoya Nkani who was struck and killed by a responding city fire truck in 2009. Obarimomoya was returning home from Woodland Elementary School ...

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