The Third Edition of Legal Considerations now available from Fire Engineering Books and Videos, a division of PennWell Corporation


Legal Considerations for Fire and Emergency Services, 3rd Edition

The third edition of Legal Considerations for Fire & Emergency Services is now available from Fire Engineering / Pennwell Publishing.  As were the first two editions, it is an essential textbook for any course on fire service law as well as an indispensable desk reference for day-to-day fire department administration. 730 Pages/Softcover/August 2014
ISBN: 978-1-59370-347-9
Price: $89.00


Comprehensive coverage of the major legal issues in the fire and EMS services, including negligence; immunity; criminal law; arson; search and seizure; FLSA wage and hour over time issues; employment discrimination; sexual harassment; FMLA; Americans with Disabilities Act; public records laws; open meetings requirements; drug testing; due process; collective bargaining for firefighters; OSHA and the relationship between NFPA standards and OSHA enforcement; EMS related topic such as consent, implied consent, informed consent, the role of DNR orders, living wills, and durable powers of attorney for health care decisions; and much much more.

Features of the 3rd Edition:

Updated cases on several topics including residency requirements, employment discrimination, and more
Expanded treatment of hot topics such as digital imagery, social media, and electronic surveillance
Meets the latest requirements for FESHE’s Legal Aspects of the Fire Service curriculum
Many new photos and graphics to help connect cases to day-to-day issues in the fire service
Coverage of recent changes to search and seizure law, use of digital photos and social media by emergency personnel, and fire department liabilityFor more information or to order go to Fire Engineering.