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Busy Fire Law Week

Last week was a busy one legally for the fire service, and as often happens, a number of important cases escaped our attention – including several we have been following. In Kansas City, Missouri, the city is offering $1.9 million ...

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Maine Chief Alleges Retaliatory Discharge

A former Maine fire chief has filed suit claiming he was fired the day after he filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission about discrimination by the town manager. Fire Chief Norman “Buddy” Webb filed suit against the Town ...

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Male on Male Sexual Harassment Suit in New York

A rather strange case of harassment directed at both a father and a son has prompted a lawsuit in Westchester County. Matthew Bruno, a probationary firefighter with the Greenville Fire District who was terminated last September after complaining about being ...

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EEOC Settles Another NY LOSAP Age Discrimination Suit

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has announced the settlement of yet another age-discrimination lawsuit against volunteer fire departments in New York involving their length of service award programs (LOSAP). The suit was brought by the U.S. Equal Employment ...

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Houston Chief Files Third Suit in 13 Years

One of the longest-serving firefighters in the Houston Fire Department has taken the city back to court for the third time. District Chief Charles Julian, a 44 year veteran and 69 years of age, filed suit in Harris County against the ...

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Four NY Volunteer FDs Settle LOSAP Discrimination Suit

Four more New York volunteer fire departments have settled age discrimination claims with the EEOC over their LOSAP programs. That makes at least 10 separate age discrimination lawsuits filed by the EEOC against New York volunteer fire departments since 2006. ...

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