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Retaliation Over the Formation of a Union

Today’s burning question: I work part-time for a small fire department in a state that recognizes collective bargaining for firefighters. We are in the process of filing a petition with state labor relations board to become recognized by the township for collective bargaining purposes. We have enough members to form the union and we have all signed the union election petition. Rumor has it that the trustees have found out and plan to terminate our internet/WiFi access, stop letting us wash our cars at the station, put renovations of the fire station on hold, and even cancel the purchase of a new engine.

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Pennsylvania Volunteers Seeking to Unionize

Today’s burning question: Me and my buddies are volunteer firefighters… sort of. We get paid a stipend for volunteering. I suppose that makes us paid volunteers if there is such a thing. So anyway, we want to form a union ...

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Florida Arbitration Award Draws the Ire of Elected Officials

An arbitrator’s ruling that essentially granted firefighters what their contract said they were entitled to, has drawn sharp criticism from elected officials in Charlotte County, Florida. The criticism was so vitriolic that one county commissioner, Robert Skidmore, accused the firefighters ...

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