Bullet Points


Here are my bullet points. These are the nuts and bolts of what should be addressed in a policy. I try to update the bullet points at three to six month intervals, so feel free to check back from time to time.

These bullet points are not policies – but can serve as the framework for a policy. Fire departments seeking to use them should work with an attorney licensed in their jurisdiction to ensure your final policy meets federal, state and local legal requirements.

BULLET POINTS Digital Imagery Policy 8 21 17

BULLET POINTS Social Media Policy 8 21 17

BULLET POINTS 4 17 2016 Training Firefighters to Avoid SMACS

BULLET POINTS Hazing Bullying PranksPolicy 5 22 16

Sample Computer, Internet & Electronic Communications Policy:   SAMPLE POLICY Computers Internet Electronic Comms

Sample Release Form for Computer Policy: SampleRelease


For those attending Fire Rescue International in Charlotte, here is the Fire Service Litigation Database summary information: 2017 7 5 RESULTS Fire Service Litigation Database