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Sexual misconduct

Columbus Sex Scandal Claims Another Victim

A sex scandal in the Columbus Fire Department that cost one firefighter his job has claimed another victim. Battalion Chief Gerald C. Birkhimer has been demoted to lieutenant for his role in covering up on-duty sexual activity between Firefighter Marc ...

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Pompano Beach YCMTSU

A Pompano Beach firefighter has been charged with felony assault with a firearm after she allegedly shot at a man she invited into her home.

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Miami Dade Firefighter Faces Child Porn Charges

A Miami Dade firefighter who has been under investigation since last December has been charged with sharing child pornography via Twitter. Gabriel Diaz, 38, a seventeen year veteran assigned to Public Education Unit, was arrested Thursday and remains in custody ...

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Crazy Fire Law Headlines YCMTSU

Its been another crazy day for fire law news. Seems like we have had quite a few lately… but today’s headlines are like a YCMTSU all-star team extravaganza!!!!! Seriously, can all this be happening at once? Ok… I won’t go ...

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Male on Male Sexual Harassment Suit in New York

A rather strange case of harassment directed at both a father and a son has prompted a lawsuit in Westchester County. Matthew Bruno, a probationary firefighter with the Greenville Fire District who was terminated last September after complaining about being ...

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Cobb County Fire Facing Gender, Pregnancy and FMLA Suit

A Cobb County firefighter has filed suit against her department alleging sexual harassment, sex discrimination, pregnancy discrimination and FMLA violations. Firefighter Alison Carroll has worked for Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services since 2008. She claims she was constructively discharged ...

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