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Line of Duty

Injured California Firefighter Suing For Retaliation

A Vallejo, California firefighter who suffered second and third degree burns while trying to save a victim’s life has filed suit following his dismissal in November 2012 alleging the city illegally retaliated against him. Todd Milan filed the suit against ...

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Asthmatic Massachusetts Firefighter Terminated

A Lawrence, Massachusetts firefighter who was denied a disability pension for an asthma condition, has been terminated. Tim Atwood, 49, a Lawrence firefighter since 2004, was terminated last week. He has been out of work since January 11, 2012, when ...

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Texas FD and E-One Liable in LODD Suit

The jury in the first of two wrongful death lawsuits brought against E-One, E-One dealer Hall Mark Fire Apparatus, and the Kilgore Fire Department has concluded that the defendants were jointly responsible for the 2009 deaths of Kyle Perkins and ...

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