Illinois Fire Department Cited by OSHA Over Mayday Bailout

An Illinois fire department is facing eight OSHA citations following an investigation into a 2021 fire that resulted in three firefighters being hospitalized. The fire in a mixed commercial – apartment building in Beardstown led to a mayday and bailout by the three firefighters, each of whom fell approximately 21 feet.

Firefighters initially started with a defensive operation, but switched to offensive when a woman was observed on the second floor. The three firefighters, including the fire chief,  entered without an attack line, and when conditions deteriorated several minutes later, became disoriented. A Mayday was called. Unable to wait for a ladder the firefighters jumped, sustaining injuries including leg, pelvis, rib, sternum and vertebrae fractures.

An investigation conducted by the Illinois Department of Labor’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health resulted in the identification of 15 “indirect causes” of the injuries, and 19 recommendations. The Beardstown Fire Department, a combination department, was issued seven serious OSHA citations and one non-serious citation. Two of the serious citations were considered repeat offenses.

Here is a copy of the 14-page investigation report:

Here is a 2-page press release: