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BLM Prevails in Suit Alleging Negligence in Wildland Fire

Is the failure to comply with a policy evidence of negligence or proof that commanders had discretion? A lawsuit filed against the Bureau of Land Management over its handling of the "Patch Springs Fire" in Utah in 2013, has been dismissed because fireground commanders were exercising discretion.

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Montana Congressman Sues Billings Fire

A Republican Congressman from Montana has filed suit against the City of Billings alleging negligence in fighting a wildland fire on his property in 2008. The fire occurred in Rehberg Ranch Estates, a 1,000 acre subdivision owned by Congressman Rehberg ...

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Fire Retardant Air Drops Under Fire

An interesting case is brewing in California over the use of aircraft deployed fire retardant. It seems some steelhead trout were killed in the Jesusita Fire in May, 2009, and the culprit is alleged to be the fire retardant. What ...

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