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COVID Pay Prompts DC FLSA Overtime Suit

A District of Columbia firefighter has filed a class action lawsuit alleging the city failed to include COVID premium pay in his overtime, as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Jason Collins filed suit today in US District Court for the District of Columbia on behalf of himself and all similarly situated DC firefighters.

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FLSA Facts for Firefighters: Clothing Allowance

Today’s burning question: Does a fire department have to factor in an item such as a clothing allowance when determining a firefighter’s hourly wage for overtime calculations? Answer: Under certain circumstances some or all of a clothing allowance may be considered compensation and thus includable in calculating the employee’s “regular rate”.

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New Haven Firefighters File FLSA Overtime Suit

The City of New Haven, Connecticut is facing a class action lawsuit filed by 174 present and former firefighters alleging a violation of the FLSA in terms of how much they were paid for overtime hours. The suit alleges that New Haven miscalculated the firefighters’ “regular rate” by not including “certification pay, education incentive pay, acting pay, haz-mat pay, and longevity pay” in the regular rate.

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