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Dayton Sues Foam Manufacturers Over AFFF Related Contamination

The City of Dayton is the latest community to file suit against the nation’s largest firefighting foam manufacturers, blaming them for the contamination of the area surrounding Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The contamination is due to two toxic byproducts of AFFF, namely perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid.

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Texas Responders Sue Chemical Plant

Seven first responders to the disastrous chemical fire in Crosby. Texas last month have filed suit against the chemical company and three of its top managers seeking damages in excess of one million dollars in damages. The explosions and fire occurred after Hurricane Harvey struck the region.

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Pennsylvania Police Chief Sues Fire Department

A Pennsylvania police chief has filed suit against the fire department claiming his disabling lung condition was caused by a mold condition in the police station, which was rented from the fire department. Christopher P. Tolson, police chief for Dalton ...

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