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Delaware LODD Prompts Suit Over Non-Locking Carabiner

The estate of a Delaware firefighter killed in a helicopter training exercise in 2016 has filed suit against the companies that sold the harness system he was wearing when he fell to his death. Timothy McClanahan died when he fell about 100 feet from a Delaware State Police helicopter during a hoist training exercise.

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Turkish LODD Prompts Lawsuit

The family of a Turkish fire captain killed in a bizarre roof collapse caused by a helicopter water-drop, has filed suit against the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Captain Hayati Gökcan was killed on June 4, 2015 after 10 tons of water was dumped from a height of 70 meters on the roof of a burning warehouse in which he was operating.

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Another First Amendment Issue

I wanted to follow up on Dave Statter’s post about the Miami Dade helicopter video and the possible violation of the photographer’s First Amendment Rights. From a legal perspective – everyone – all of us – have a Constitutional Right ...

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