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New Mexico Firefighters Sue Over Fireworks Explosion

The estate of a deceased firefighter along with seven firefighters injured in a fireworks explosion last year have filed suit against the City of Rosewell and the fireworks dealer. The June 5, 2019 explosion claimed the life of FF Jeff Stroble and injured 12 others.

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Fireworks Dealer Sues Michigan City Over Sky Lanterns

A pyrotechnic retailer is suing a Michigan community over a fire marshal’s enforcement of a local ordinance prohibiting the sale and use of sky lanterns. Black Diamond Fireworks has filed suit against the City of Sterling Heights claiming that an ordinance prohibiting sky lanterns is illegal.

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Ohio FF Loses Monocular Vision ADA Case

An Ohio firefighter/paramedic who lost an eye in an off-duty fireworks accident, today lost a federal court lawsuit to get his job back. Anthony Rorrer was injured in a bottle rocket incident of the 4th of July, 2008. Afterwards, he ...

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