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Michigan Condo Loses Battle to Block New Fire Station

The Michigan Supreme Court has denied an attempt by a condo association to block the construction of a new fire station. The Autumn Park Condominium Association was seeking to prevent the Meridian Charter Township from building a new 10,700-square-foot fire station near their condo complex. The association was apparently concerned that the fire station would adversely affect their quality of life and diminish the value of their property.

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Contractor Sues for $1.6 Million in Overruns on $14 Million Fire Station

A contractor is suing a Virginia city for over $1.6 million in cost overruns associated with the construction of a $14 million fire station. Costello Construction of Maryland is suing the City of Charlottesville claiming that change orders and the city’s delays in answering 387 requests for information led to the additional costs in building the 38,000 square foot Fontaine Avenue station.

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Residents Sue to Block Fire Station Renovation: But Why?

Plans to renovate and expand the fire station in the Village of Fayetteville, NY ran into some unanticipated legal difficulties last week when two Fayetteville residents filed a lawsuit contending that the expansion would violate certain restrictive covenants in the ...

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