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San Diego Fire Investigating Complaint About Interference With Filming In Public

The San Diego Fire Department is investigating a complaint filed by a videographer who claims that a firefighter touched him as he was filming an EMS patient on a public street. The videographer, J.C. Playford, was filming a female patient as she was being wheeled on a stretcher toward an ambulance when the unidentified firefighter confronted Playford and the two begin arguing.

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Emergency Scene Photos and Expectation of Privacy in Gated Communities

Today’s burning question: I serve as the photographer for my department. In my station’s first due district we have a gated community. In the event of a response into the development, would the residents have a greater expectation of privacy from photo-taking since the area is gated? Answer: The short answer is the taking of the photos/video is probably legal, but the use of the photos/video is what is more likely to get you into trouble.

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Cellphone Searches and Stipends

Today’s burning question: My fire department gives firefighters a stipend of $125 dollars a year to cover the costs of various text messages they send us and any work related calls we make/receive. Does this give the department the right to search our personal phones? Answer: No, a simple stipend would not – in and of itself – authorize a fire department to “search” someone’s cellphone

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