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Fired Georgia Chief Sues Over Intercepted Electronic Communications

A Georgia fire chief who was terminated last year after refusing to resign, has filed suit naming the City of Monroe, the city manager and the police chief as defendants. Fire Chief William Owens filed suit accusing the city of violating his constitutional rights, illegally intercepting electronic communications in violation of Georgia law, whistleblower retaliation, and invasion of privacy.

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Public Records and Electronic Communications

Today’s burning question: If a firefighter’s personal device such as a cellphone connects to a wireless network provided by a governmental agency, is the information transmitted automatically subject to the state’s public records law? Answer: Whether an electronic communication is a public record has nothing to do with how it is transmitted.

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NJ Medic Loses Facebook Discipline Claim

A paramedic for Monmouth-Ocean Hospital Service Corp. (MONOC) has lost a federal court lawsuit that alleged her employer illegally accessed and used a Facebook post to discipline her. Deborah Ehling worked for MONOC since 2004. In June, 2009, in the ...

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