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Detroit EMT Charged Criminally With Neglect of Duty

The Detroit Fire Department EMT who refused to respond to the scene of a baby having trouble breathing in 2015, today was charged criminally with willful neglect of duty. Ann Marie Thomas was fired June 24, 2015 for her role in the May 30, 2015 incident that led to the death of I'Nayah Wright-Trussel.

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Wrongful Death Suit filed in Detroit Failure To Act Case

The refusal of a Detroit EMT to respond to a home where an infant was not breathing has led to a wrongful death suit by the infant's mother. On May 30, 2015 EMT Ann Marie Thomas parked her unit on a street corner away from the scene while waiting for other units to arrive, an act her supervisors referred to as “depraved indifference”.

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