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Ohio Court Upholds Termination of Firefighter

Ohio’s Third Appellate District Court of Appeals rejected the appeal of a firefighter who was terminated for failing to pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians during his probationary period. Mark Evans filed suit against Shawnee Township in 2019, alleging breach of contract, and wrongful discharge

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Burning Question on At Will Employees and the Need for Just Cause

Today’s burning question: Several of my chief officers persist in asking why we can’t simply fire firefighters who are at-will employees. I have attempted to explain that termination without some basis (not necessarily just cause, but some justifiable legal basis) isn’t wise. They don’t seem to grasp what I tell them. Can you add anything that I can share with them to further my position?

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NH Chief Fired on TV Files Suit

A New Hampshire fire chief who found out he was terminated because he happened to be watching a televised board of selectmen meeting from his home, has filed a wrongful termination suit. Fire Chief Peter Varney claims he was given ...

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