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Palm Beach County Social Media Suit Dismissed

A lawsuit filed last year by two captains with Palm Beach County Fire Rescue after they were disciplined for social media posts, has been dismissed. Captain AJ O’Laughlin and Captain Crystal Little filed suit in Palm Beach County Circuit Court last May. It was later removed to federal court.

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Trial Court Renders Split Decision to Kelvin Cochran And Atlanta

The trial judge in the case of former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran handed down her long-awaited ruling this week, and it was a split decision. Chief Cochran was terminated in 2014 after he published a religious-themed book in conjunction with his ministry that many considered to be offensive to the LGBT community.

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Court Strikes Down Police Department Social Media Policy In Ho-Hum Non-Precedent Setting But Widely Discussed Decision

Today’s burning question: I just saw that the 4th Circuit struck down a police department’s social media policy based on the First Amendment. I live in Nevada, which is part of the 9th Circuit. Will that ruling be binding here? Answer: Boy, there sure is a lot of interest in that 4th Circuit case. I have received over 25 emails and social media contacts TODAY ALONE.

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