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FDNY Gets Split Decision in Trademark Suit

A federal court has upheld in part and denied in part a trademark infringement suit brought by the City of New York against a vendor who refused to stop selling FDNY and NYPD t-shirts and memorabilia. The city sued Blue Rage, Inc. doing business as The Cop Shop alleging it sold “a wide variety of unlicensed, infringing merchandise bearing the NYPD and FDNY Trademarks.”

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FDNY Sued for $3 Million By Disabled Firefighter

An FDNY firefighter who was hurt off-duty, reinjured a year later on the job, then arrested, denied a disability pension, and terminated, is suing the city and FDNY for $3 million for violating his civil rights. Daniel Braun filed suit last month alleging that his 4th and 14th Amendment rights were violated.

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Black Sunday Firefighters Awarded $183 Million

A Bronx jury has awarded three firefighters and the families of two deceased firefighters $183 million in damages stemming from the Black Sunday fire. The January 23, 2005 fire trapped six firefighters on the top floor of a building from which they were forced to jump 40-50 feet.

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