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Detroit Sued For Negligence in Fighting Fire Where Firefighters Posed for Photo

A Detroit property owner whose building caught fire on New Years Eve has filed suit against the city’s fire department over a photo depicting a group of firefighters posing in front of the blazing home. The photo of Deonte Higginbotham’s burning house went viral and prompted questions about why firefighters were posing rather than extinguishing the fire.

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Suit by FDNY Firefighter Prompts Questions About The Fireman’s Rule

A lawsuit filed by an FDNY firefighter against a homeowner has prompted a rather indignant television news commentary proclaiming: “Did you know there are laws… that allow firefighters to sue you?” Oh my gosh… really??? You mean those scoundrel firefighters could sue JUST LIKE A NORMAL PERSON WHO IS INJURED THROUGH THE NEGLIGENCE OF ANOTHER COULD SUE? How terrible!!!!

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