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New Mexico Overdose Case Headed Back to State Court

A lawsuit filed over the overdose death of a NM man who died after refusing aid has been remanded back to state court where the case began. The facts of the case raise important questions about refusals against medical advice. However, the ruling is nothing short of tortuous to read, through no fault of the judge who wrote it.

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Med Control, Consent, and Implied Consent

Today’s burning question comes from a friend who is a nurse and is studying for her paramedic license. She took issue with an exam question, which is paraphrased here as follows: You are called to the residence of a 77 ...

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Age of Consent and Parental Rights

Today’s Burning Question: I know 16 is the age of medical consent in Rhode Island.  Does that mean that technically we cannot discuss the medical condition of a 17 year old with his parents without his consent? Answer: I received ...

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