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Compensation For Work While On Vacation

Today’s burning question: We are combination department in which our full-time firefighters are permitted to respond back to alarms. We pay them their overtime rate for the extra time they work. Is it permissible under the FLSA to pay the firefighter overtime for returning to an alarm while we are paying him to be on vacation (ie. twice for the same time)?

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FLSA Retaliation – Why Go There?

Today’s burning question: I am a line battalion chief in a department that classifies all chief officers as white-collar exempt executives. As exempt executives we are not eligible for overtime. Our association obtained an opinion letter from a law firm that concluded line chiefs do not qualify as white-collar executives under either the traditional analysis nor under the 2004 First Responder Regulations.

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New Haven Firefighters File FLSA Overtime Suit

The City of New Haven, Connecticut is facing a class action lawsuit filed by 174 present and former firefighters alleging a violation of the FLSA in terms of how much they were paid for overtime hours. The suit alleges that New Haven miscalculated the firefighters’ “regular rate” by not including “certification pay, education incentive pay, acting pay, haz-mat pay, and longevity pay” in the regular rate.

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