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Another Round Goes to NK Firefighters

Yadiyadiyada…. North Kingstown Firefighters IAFF Local 1651 …yadiyadiyada… prevailed once again ….yadiyadiyada…. state labor board … yadiyadiyada… same old song and dance …yadiyadiyada… getting to be repetitious …yadiyadiyada…

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Omaha Firefighters NFPA 1710 Suit Dismissed

This just in – Nebraska District Court Judge James Gleason has dismissed a lawsuit by IAFF Local 385 against the City of Omaha alleging that Mayor Jean Stothert's proposed 2014 budget will violate their collective bargaining agreement. The firefighters alleged ...

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Omaha Firefighters Sue to Enforce NFPA 1710

Omaha firefighters are taking the city and mayor to court over a proposed budget that they claim will violate their collective bargaining agreement. Mayor Jean Stothert announced her budget yesterday and according to IAFF Local 385 union officials, it will ...

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Cases in the Fire Law News

I am not sure what is up with our blog platform, but I am truly sorry for the interruptions you may be experiencing. It has been a few days now and things are still not right. In the past we ...

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Oneida Firefighters File Staffing Grievance

Firefighters in Oneida, New York are grieving a decision to reduce minimum shift staffing from five to four. The Oneida Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local No. 2692 filed the grievance after Mayor  Don Hudson issued a directive to reduce the ...

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NFPA 1710 Staffing and Legal Mandates

Today’s burning question: Are there any Federal laws or requirements that mandate that fire departments comply with or meet NFPA 1710 staffing levels or response times? Answer: There are no laws that I am aware of on a Federal or ...

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