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Municipal Liability

Shreveport Fire Bullying Case Sparks Suit By Detective

The strange bullying case that resulted in criminal charges against seven Shreveport firefighters including the fire chief, just got a lot stranger with the filing of a retaliation lawsuit by the police detective who headed the investigation. Shreveport homicide detective ...

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Wisconsin Firefighters Face Discipline Over Cellphone Recording

Two Kenosha, Wisconsin union officials are facing suspensions for their role in a complicated case where a cellphone allegedly recorded a discussion that took place after they stepped out of a meeting with the fire chief. But the case raises a number of more complicated issues involving criminal law, evidence, and even a Constitutional question or two!!!

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Alabama Fire Chief Terminated For Recording Hearing

The fire chief in Boaz, Alabama has been terminated by the city council because he recorded conversations without the knowledge of those being recorded.Fire Chief Mike Sparks was terminated this evening for a “betrayal of trust” associated with his recording a hearing on July 22. According to media reports the hearing was described as a “promotion hearing”.

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Chicago Fire Faces Sexual Harassment Suit

The Chicago Fire Department is facing a sexual harassment suit that goes right to the top of the organization: former fire commissioner John Brooks. Former payroll auditor Deidre Green claims Commissioner Brooks pursued her sexually and then targeted her for a layoff when she refused his advances.

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Tucson Sued Over Breast Milk Accommodation

A paramedic with the Tucson Fire Department has filed suit claiming the department has wrongfully refused her requests to be assigned to a fire station that could accommodate her need to express breast milk. The case raises a little known ...

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The Digital Age Meets the Duty To Act

Today’s burning question: I was in your class at FDIC 2014 on Duty to Act, which was a real eye-opener. We were discussing it in the station today and one of the paramedics mentioned a smartphone app called PulsePoint, that can notify you if someone nearby is having a heart attack. Doesn’t that raise some duty to act questions?

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