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New Agreement with Fire Engineering Books and Videos, a division of PennWell Corporation

June, 2013: I am very pleased to announce that Fire Engineering Books and Videos, a division of PennWell Corporation, will be the new publisher for future editions of Legal Considerations for Fire & Emergency Services and Fire Officer’s Legal Handbook.

This partnership ensures instructors and fire science programs who are currently using Legal Considerations as a textbook for their FESHE compliant programs that it will continue to be fully supported. Legal Considerations is and will continue to be a FESHE-compliant book for college-level fire science programs.

PennWell will continue to provide an instructor’s package, which includes a comprehensive instructor guide, PowerPoints for each chapter, test bank, and other supporting features that instructors have come to reply upon.

We plan to make the third edition of Legal Considerations available in the third quarter of 2014, in time for the fall semester, barring any unforeseen complications. In the meantime, the second edition will remain available through Cengage Publishing and other outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble Online, and the Firefighter’s Bookstore.

Second Edition of Legal Considerations for Fire and Emergency Services

I am pleased to announce that the Second Edition of Legal Considerations for Fire and Emergency Services has been published and is now available from your favorite book seller.

Legal Considerations for Fire and Emergency Services, 2nd EditionLegal Considerations for Fire and Emergency Services, 2nd Edition 

  • All chapters  have been updated to reflect the latest case law and statutory changes affecting firefighters, fire chiefs and fire departments
  • Coverage of the hottest  issues confronting the fire service, including new sections on:
    • electronic monitoring in the workplace (GPS tracking, privacy of employee emails, computer searches
    • firefighters taking digital pictures and videos on duty, and
    • use of social networking (cases, disciplinary issues, and policy ideas)
  • A brand new chapter on EMS law with expanded coverage of important issues including:
    • consent, capacity, implied consent, informed consent and refusals AMA
    • state medical confidentiality laws and HIPAA
    • right of firefighters to obtain source patient health status following an exposure
    • impact of advanced directives (DNR orders, living wills, durable powers of attorney)
  • Updated cases including the New Haven reverse discrimination decision in Ricci v. DeStefano, and a summary of the U.S. Supreme Court case, Lewis v. Chicago
  • Section numbers to facilitate easy navigation so you can quickly find the answers to your questions
  • Expanded discussion of firefighter discipline and the application of Garrity and Weingarten Rights to a firefighter’s right to remain silent

The Second Edition meets the National Fire Academy’s FESHE course objectives for Legal Aspects of the Fire Service. An Instructor’s Guide, Powerpoint presentations for each chapter, and a comprehensive Exam Database are available to college instructors from Cengage and other retailers. hello.   For the Lowest Price On:Buy at CengageBrain

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  • Jody Dwyer

    I just completed the course Leagal Aspects at Columbia Southern University. It was a great course and opened my eyes to several ways to protect my office and the fire department from a number of legal matters. This is my first time on the blog. I am a fire marshal with my jurisdiction. Do you have many questions or topics that relate to the fire code or enforcement?