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Survivair Resettles with St. Louis LODD Widow

An interesting article was published today by about several recent lawsuits involving Survivair. The article is quite well researched and raises some important questions. There have three lawsuits against Surivair and its parent company, Sperian Protection, arising out of the deaths of St. Louis firefighters Robert Morrison and Derek Martin, who died at a fire on May 3, 2002.

Laura Morrison, Robert’s widow, sued Survivair alleging his PASS device failed and contributed to his death. Survivair denied it was aware of problems with PASS devices. The case was settled for $3 million in 2006 while the jury was literally out deliberating.

Angela Martin, widow of Derek Martin, sued Survivair claiming his mask’s exhalation valve malfunctioned. She did not settle, and won a $27 million verdict. During the proceeding, evidence surfaced indicating that certain Survivair executives were indeed aware of problems with their products. The issues were apparently so compelling that the jury awarded $15 million in punitive damages to Mrs. Martin. The verdict was upheld on appeal, and the judges included an indicting statement: “Survivair not only inadequately responded to reports of defects, but that they attempted to cover them up. All of this shows Survivair’s conduct was unquestionably reprehensible.”

In a highly unusual move, Laura Morrison filed a second suit against Survivair in 2009, this time alleging fraud and deception in the first case. The article reports that the case settled last fall for $7 million. The article outlines several other cases involving Survivair. Definitely something we’ll be watching.

Hopefully now that Survivair (Sperian Protection) has been purchased by Honeywell the problems that led to these lawsuits are going to be addressed. Remember, lawsuits are not the problem. They are a symptom of a problem. Solve the problem and the lawsuits go away.

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  • RAN

    Tort reform please. Real damages + capped ‘pain and suffering’. These cash transfers screw up a lot of folks and over compensate a few.

    • Lewis Kincade

      Family member of one of the deceased. My sisters husband.
      Everyone has an opinion on tort reform. The only people who are protected are the ones who lie in court to protect themselves and the company. Survivair changed their name because their brand had gone bad. They lied and (at least) two people died. You name the limit.

  • Curt Varone

    Ran – that is conventional wisdom, no doubt. The media never gets a story wrong, right? I mean everyone, Jay Leno, Jerry Sienfeld, Jon Stewart – Fox News all told us about the McDonald’s hot coffee case, and that was clearly an example of what is wrong with our civil justice system. We need reform, right?