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Pennsylvania Paramedic Arrested for Interfering with Police Tasering of Patient

A Pennsylvania paramedic has been charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing a police officer in regards to an incident which occurred last April.

Paramedic Jodi L. Kerr-Rummel of the Lower Burrell Volunteer Fire Company No. 3  pled not guilty to the charges, and was in court again last week on August 25, 2010 seeking to have the charges dismissed. She is alleged to have interfered with a police officer who was attempting to Taser a combative female patient on an EMS run on April 9. 2010.

Kerr-Rummel’s attorney, James Michael Fox, asked the court to dismiss the charges, arguing that his client  "didn't think it was appropriate" for the patient to be  Tasered. Judge Cheryl Peck Yakopec  refused the request and the matter will now proceed to trial.

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    I’m at a loss for words.

  • Curt Varone

    Could this be another ICS problem where a lack of clarity about who is in charge is part of the problem? If Law Enforcement is in charge – then she’s in the wrong legally – even if she’s right morally (which is not clear from the media coverage). If its a LE scene, EMS has to follow LE.
    However, if EMS was in charge – we again see this issue of a command system that is being ignored by law enforcement.
    And then there’s the age old question – why can’t we all just get along!

  • Ken

    Was the Paramedic trying to talk to a psych patient? This is treatment and the Police interfierd with her patient care!
    Was the patient having an anxiety attack,hypogycemia, or head injury?
    Alot of questions here! Alot!