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Confederate Flag Prompts Protective Order Request in Maryland

The response of a Montgomery County firefighter to seeing a Confederate Flag above a colleague's license plate has led his colleagues to seek a court protective order against him. The strange case began on July 18 when Firefighter Idris Debruhl took issue with what he saw on Firefighter Charles Lee’s personal vehicle.

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Family Seeks $11 Million from Glendale Firefighters for Assault

Here is a follow up to the story we covered last week with regards to the Glendale, Arizona firefighters who were disciplined for using excessive force against a man who assaulted them. The family of James Murillo has filed a multi-million dollar claim against the City of Glendale, Captain Sean Alford and Acting Captain Daniel Padilla, claiming the firefighters assaulted and verbally abused the mentally ill man last October.

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