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WV County and City Seek to Recoup Costs of Hazmat Spill

Kanawha County and the City of Charleston, West Virginia have filed a civil suit against the parties responsible for the 2014 Elk River chemical spill. The action was filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court last week naming West Virginia American Water, Eastman Chemical Company and several affiliated parties.

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Ohio Man Arrested for Filming Accident Scene

An Ohio man is facing criminal trespass charges after he filmed close-up images of the aftermath of a fatal motor vehicle accident, including footage he took inside the vehicle showing the victims. Paul Pelton, 41, is facing one count of trespass of a vehicle, a misdemeanor. News reports indicate that he posted the video on Facebook and sought to sell it to news outlets.

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Homeowner Wants City to Pay for Door Damaged by Firefighters

Today’s burning question: Last March when I went out shopping, firefighters were called to my house and broke down my door. Apparently my neighbor called because my wood burning stove created a lot of smoke. The door cost me $2,000 to fix. Can I make the city or the firefighters pay?

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