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Florida Firefighters File FLSA Suit Over Training Time

Four Florida firefighters have filed suit claiming their department required them to attend job-related training and failed to compensate them for the time. David Garner, Brian Ostos, Alejandro Osorio, and Joseph Quinn filed suit this week in US District Court for the Northern District of Florida naming the Destin Fire Control District.

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Burning Question on FLSA, Hours Worked, and Training

Today’s burning question: If a firefighter is given their scheduled shift off to attend training, do we count the hours that the firefighter was scheduled to work as time worked for overtime purposes? If a firefighter is scheduled to work 240 hours in a 28-day work period, and the department gives the firefighter two 24-hour shifts off to attend a class, is the firefighter still entitled to 28 hours of overtime for that work period?

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Podcast # 27: Compensation for EMS Training Time

In this episode, Curt discusses an FLSA lawsuit filed by a Memphis firefighter, Jon Misewicz, over the issue of whether firefighters have to be compensated for attending mandatory paramedic training. Misewizc v. City of Memphis is the definitive ruling on the compensability of EMS training time for firefighters.

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