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Terminated Female Firefighters Win One, Lose One

Two cases decided last week involved similar fact patterns where probationary female firefighters were let go at the end of their probationary period, with different results. In Ohio, Sierra Adebisi was fired by the Toledo Fire Department on what was supposed to be her graduation day, August 23, 2019.

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Toledo Prevails in Race Discrimination Suit

A race-discrimination suit brought by a firefighter-recruit who washed out of the Toledo Fire Academy in 2018 has been decided in favor of the city. Major Smith III filed the suit claiming that his dismissal from the academy on account of his race.

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Shot Clock Reset on Toledo Sexual Harassment Suit

A well known sexual harassment suit involving the Toledo Fire Department filed in 2005 is back in the news because it has been dismissed… and refiled. The suit was filed by three Toledo firefighters who claim they were subjected to gender discrimination, a hostile work environment, and retaliation

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