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NH Firefighter Spared Jail Time For Drug Theft

A New Hampshire fire lieutenant who was convicted in March of stealing EMS drugs, has been spared incarceration. Former Rochester FD Lieut., Donald Penney, was found guilty of charges stemming from the theft of post-transport replacement drugs from Frisbie Memorial Hospital.

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Two NY Firefighters Accused of Stealing Meds From Coworker

Two New York firefighters who allegedly stole medication from a fellow firefighter in the fire station last year have been charged with larceny and distributing drugs. Douglas Groesbeck and Allen Harmon, both firefighters in Camillus, are accused of stealing prescription medication from another firefighter between June 2014 and November 2014.

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Discipline in Louisville Metro EMS Making News

Louisville Metro EMS has been in the news lately with a number of disciplinary issues. Most of the cases have been drug related, leading the Department to declare a “zero tolerance” for illegal drug use. You may recall the case ...

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