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KCK Firefighter Alleges Race and Disability Discrimination

A Kansas City Kansas firefighter who is facing termination has filed suit alleging race and disability discrimination. Jyan Harris filed suit this week in US District Court against the Kansas City Fire Department, Wyandotte County/City of Kansas City, and Kansas City Firefighters IAFF Local 64...

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Houston Firefighters Accused of Using Facebook To Sell Shift Trades

Eyewitness News in Houston is investigating firefighters for selling shift-trades on a Facebook page aptly named HFD Extra Shifts. KTRK broke the story, interviewing firefighters and elected officials, and referencing a similar shift-swapping scandal in Cleveland in 2014 that resulted in criminal charges against 13 firefighters.

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FLSA Subbing Followup

Today’s burning question: FF A agrees to trade a shift with FF B. FF B substitutes for FF A, but when it comes time for FF A to work for FF B, FF A calls in sick. Who should get charged for the sick day and does FF A’s absence impact FF B’s eligibility for FLSA overtime during that work period? Answer: #FLSAheadache

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