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Indiana Firefighter Falls Pray to First Amendment Auditors

A South Bend firefighter who got into an argument with a local First Amendment auditor has been disciplined. Lance Gunderson was given a 5-day suspension without pay, required to attend anger management training, and prohibited from working overtime for 30 days following an incident on June 13, 2021.

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Indiana EMS Cheating Scandal Costs Firefighter His Job

A cheating scandal during an EMT class in Indiana has cost one firefighter recruit his job, and led to the discipline of several others. The incident involved recruits from South Bend and Mishawaka who were taking an advanced EMT class at Memorial Hospital last summer.

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Indiana Court Deals South Bend Fire A Minor Set Back

The Indiana Court of Appeals dealt a slight blow to the South Bend Fire Department last week with a ruling that will allow a case that had been decided in the department’s favor to return to trial court for further proceedings. The case involved a woman, Evelyn M. Gregory, who claims she was injured due to the negligence of firefighters from the South Bend Fire Department

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