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Fire Law Roundup for January 23, 2023

In this episode of Fire Law Roundup for January 23, 2023, Brad and Curt discuss a lawsuit filed by the family of a woman who suffered a stroke, but was mistaken for being under the influence; a discrimination lawsuit filed ...

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New Mexico Overdose Case Headed Back to State Court

A lawsuit filed over the overdose death of a NM man who died after refusing aid has been remanded back to state court where the case began. The facts of the case raise important questions about refusals against medical advice. However, the ruling is nothing short of tortuous to read, through no fault of the judge who wrote it.

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Refusal AMA Forms in Foreign Languages

Today’s burning question: Could a medic who fails to obtain an informed refusal from a patient who does not speak English be liable? Could the fire department be held liable for not providing refusal forms in other languages?

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