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YCMTSU New Mexico

A dispute in a small town in New Mexico has resurfaced in the Fire Law news with word that a county has filed a counterclaim against a former fire chief who sued the county earlier this year. You may recall the YCMTSU story of Fire Chief Eddie Velarde, the IC who was arrested at the scene of a fire.

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Ohio Chief Accuses Fire Board of Conspiracy and Racketeering

Fire Chief David Fulmer has been waging the battle of his life as he fights to regain his reputation following being terminated from the West Licking Joint Fire District in 2012 and again 2014. Chief Fulmer was terminated in 2012 on vague charges related to computer misuse, but was widely believed to have been targeted for replacement due to animosity that had developed between him and the board of trustees

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Phoenix Firefighters Allege Fraud By Comp Provider

Eight Phoenix firefighters have filed suit against the city’s workers compensation claims adjusting firm alleging fraud, conspiracy and racketeering (RICO) violations. The 31 page complaint was filed in US District Court by Laurie Miller, Brian Dimas, Kim Mills, Anthony Soza, ...

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