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Madison Physical Abilities Test Upheld as Non-Discriminatory Against Women

The US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin has ruled that the City of Madison did not unlawfully discriminate against women applicants to its fire department, despite the fact only 14% passed a physical abilities test that 84% of men passed. The ruling came in a suit brought Catherine Erdman challenging the 2014 hiring process.

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Utah Captain Sues For Gender and Disability Discrimination

A Utah fire captain who was terminated after she was unable to take a physical abilities test for medical reasons, has filed suit in federal court alleging both gender and disability discrimination. Captain Dawnya Halliday claims that a physical abilities test adopted by the Saratoga Springs Fire Department in 2012 unlawfully discriminates against women.

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Challenges to Physical Abilities Testing

Today’s Burning Question: We are in the process of validating our annual work performance testing (incumbent testing). It is a physical abilities test we have all personnel complete involving routine job functions while wearing all PPE and SCBA. The members ...

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