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Fox News Questions New FDNY Investigation into GoFundMe Campaign

Fox News is questioning why FDNY is investigating a firefighter who started a fundraising effort to help a suspended deputy chief. Deputy Chief Paul Mannix was suspended recently for 50-days without pay for his involvement in leaks about unqualified minority firefighters reportedly getting special treatment.

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Headlines Versus Reality: A Tale of Two Cities

A veteran FDNY Firefighter has been terminated and the headlines claim it is because he was wearing a shirt that was offensive to minority firefighters. What is the truth behind that headline, and why do so many of us stop with the headline?

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FDNY Firefighter Facing Termination for Creating Hostile Work Environment

An FDNY firefighter is facing possible termination over a series of incidents that occurred in 2012 that began with the wearing of uniform look-alike t-shirts that offended minority firefighters. Judge Alessandra Zorgniotti ruled earlier this month that FF Thomas Buttaro, a 17 year veteran assigned to Ladder 123, should be terminated...

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