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Fire Law Vlog Case Updates

In this edition of Fire Law Vlog, we cover three recent Fire Law cases that passed under the radar: a patent violation suit against a volunteer fire department in Virginia; the arrest and release of a medic in Los Angeles County; and a suit by a Florida firefighter contesting his termination for cooking coconut and cannabis in the fire station.

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Connecticut Court Sidesteps Firefighter Medical Marijuana Challenge

The Superior Court of Connecticut in Waterbury handed down a decision earlier this month that raised four important questions: Can a fire department discipline a firefighter who tests positive for marijuana if the member is legally authorized to use medical marijuana? Are last chance agreements of over one year enforceable? Does a last chance agreement supersede a collective bargaining agreement...

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Honolulu Fire Confronts Medical Marijuana Test Case

A Honolulu firefighter with a prescription for medical marijuana who tested positive on random testing will keep his job, but must complete counseling and stop using the drug. The unidentified firefighter reportedly has a medical marijuana card and can lawfully possess and use the drug. However, the Hawaii law that legalizes medical marijuana does not require employers to accommodate its use.

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