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Nevada Firefighter and Colleagues Among Those Sued For Spouse’s Overdose Death

The family of a woman who died of a drug overdose following a party attended by several members of the North Las Vegas Fire Department has filed suit against the city, the woman’s firefighter-husband, and four other firefighters. Tiffany Slatsky died on February 23, 2020 following unsuccessful efforts by her firefighter-husband, Christopher Candito, to administer narcan to her.

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London Chiefs Under Investigation For Shelter In Place Decision

Today’s burning question: Could London’s fire chief and other senior fire officials be prosecuted over their decision to advise residents of the Grenfell Tower to shelter-in-place? Answer: According to the Telegraph, police officials are investigating whether senior fire officials should be charged in regards to their role in the deaths of residents in Grenfell Tower high rise fire. Seventy-two people died in the fire that engulfed the 23-story building on June 14, 2017.

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Florida Firefighter Charged After Son Dies In Overheated Truck

A Florida firefighter is facing manslaughter charges after he forgot his son in his pickup truck and the child died of heat stroke. Hillsborough County firefighter Troy Whitaker thought he had dropped off his 23-month old son Lawson at day care last Friday morning, and went home to study for promotion.

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