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Oregon Firefighter Sues for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

An Oregon firefighter who was retaliated against and later terminated after he complained about being sexually harassed, has filed suit naming his former employer, two chiefs, and three of his colleagues. Phillip Walter Rilatos, III filed suit last week naming the North Lincoln Fire & Rescue District #1

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Maryland Male-on-Male Harassment Suit Settled

An $8 million lawsuit filed in 2013 by a paramedic firefighter who claims co-workers harassed him over his effeminate demeanor has reportedly been settled. Zackary C. Tyndall sued the Berlin Fire Company and four supervisors alleging they engaged in a pattern and practice of harassment based upon their perception that he is homosexual. Tyndall claims he was regularly called “queer”, “faggot”, and “cocksucker” by coworkers.

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Male on Male Sexual Harassment Suit in New York

A rather strange case of harassment directed at both a father and a son has prompted a lawsuit in Westchester County. Matthew Bruno, a probationary firefighter with the Greenville Fire District who was terminated last September after complaining about being ...

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