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Narcan and EMS

Today’s burning question: Can a fire department that is not a licensed EMS provider equip its apparatus and train its personnel to carry and administer Narcan? Answer: Due to the opioid-crisis, most states are taking a rather unprecedented approach to Narcan by treating as an intervention that is in the nature of a first aid treatment that anyone can administer.

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AED Reporting Requirements and Fire Departments

Today’s burning question: I heard that anyone who acquires an AED has to report it under federal, state and local law. Is that true and if so, to whom do I as fire chief, have to report it to? Answer: As a fire department, chances are we are already complying with the AED reporting requirements, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to review the law ...

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NJ Supreme Court Rules Against Rescue Squad Immunity

On Tuesday, the New Jersey Supreme Court handed down a decision paving the way for a jury to decide whether personnel assigned to the Plainfield Rescue Squad were negligent in not immediately transporting a shooting victim, as opposed to performing ...

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