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Connecticut Firefighter Claims Religious Discrimination

A Hamden, Connecticut firefighter has filed suit claiming the city discriminated against him on account of his religion because he refused to do things like march in a Memorial day parade and raise the American flag. Ray Pouncey, an 18 year veteran of the Hamden Fire Department, claims he has been forced to endure a hostile work environment for years. Pouncey is a Jehovah Witness.

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Flags, Stickers, and the Same Old Same Old

Today’s burning question #1: My fire chief is an imbecile. He has suspended a bunch of us (myself included) because we refused to remove American flag decals from our fire helmets and lockers. Its really pretty typical of our idiotic chief. He doesn't support us ... Today’s burning question #2: I am a fire chief and received a complaint about inappropriate and offensive photos and stickers on lockers and helmets.

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