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Compensation for EMS Training

Today’s burning question: Do fire departments/EMS organizations have to pay personnel for the time spent attending training for EMT and paramedic while off-duty? Answer: There are several important issues that arise including what is the agreement between the parties, are the employees public employees, and does the training fit into an exception under the FLSA.

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Thanksgiving Comes Early For 2 Clinton, Iowa Chiefs

Two Clinton, Iowa fire officials who had been terminated in the aftermath of a Federal EMS billing scandal, have been being reinstated by the Clinton Civil Service Commission. The decision handed down Tuesday, November 23, 2010 ordered that Fire Chief ...

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President Signs 2009 Ryan White Act Into Law

Today, October 30, 2009, President Obama signed the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009, into law, effectively extending the law that would have expired in December, 2009, for four more years. The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency ...

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