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NTSB Rules FAA Can Regulate Drones

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has ruled that drones are aircraft and within the scope of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to regulate. At present, the FAA is not allowing drones to be used commercially. That includes the commercial use of drones to gather news footage at emergency incidents.

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Attorney Challenges FAA Anti-Drone Directive With FF Safety Angle

An attorney well known for his advocacy of aerial drones filed three lawsuits last Friday against the FAA challenging a directive issued in June that extends the government’s ban on the commercial use of drones and limits the use of video technology that allows the operator to see what the drone sees. One of the suits uses a firefighter safety argument to make the point that the FAA's plan is flawed.

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Drone Interferes with Helicopter at Ohio Accident Scene

An Ohio man was arrested at the scene of a motor vehicle accident Saturday because a drone he was operating allegedly interfered with a Careflight helicopter. Kele Stanley, 31, of Springfield, was charged with felony obstructing official business, misdemeanor disorderly ...

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