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Illinois Abandons Public Duty Doctrine in Fire Department Case

In a split decision in a case involving a fire department, the Illinois Supreme court has taken the drastic step of abolishing the public duty doctrine in Illinois. The case involved a 911 call for a medical emergency that, for a variety of Murphy’s Law-type reasons, resulted in a 41-minute delay in accessing the patient

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Retirement of DC Lieutenant Raises Question of Pension Following Dishonorable Service

Today’s burning question: Can a firefighter who is facing disciplinary action, avoid facing any punishment for his misconduct by quickly retiring before he can be terminated? Answer: An employee can resign at any time and there is nothing an employer can do to stop a separation of service from occurring. However, the employee’s entitlement to a pension is another story. A pension can be conditioned on honorable service.

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NM Family Sues For Delayed Response

A New Mexico family is suing the City of Rio Rancho, the Rio Rancho Fire Department and the Rio Rancho Police Department over the loss of their home in a 2011 fire. Chris and Lisa Lopez’s house was destroyed by ...

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