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Court Refuses to Dismiss Due Process Demotion Case

A Wisconsin fire captain who was demoted in 2021 when the city reorganized its promotional process, got a mixed decision in his federal court lawsuit. Richard Haffner claims that Fire Chief Joshua Bell, the City of New Richmond, and the City’s Police and Fire Commission violated his due process rights by removing him as a captain without cause or a hearing.

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Burning Question on At Will Employees and the Need for Just Cause

Today’s burning question: Several of my chief officers persist in asking why we can’t simply fire firefighters who are at-will employees. I have attempted to explain that termination without some basis (not necessarily just cause, but some justifiable legal basis) isn’t wise. They don’t seem to grasp what I tell them. Can you add anything that I can share with them to further my position?

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At Will, Due Process and Just Cause

Today’s burning question: Does Loudermill apply in states that are “at-will”? Our city administrator said a prominent HR attorney told her that due process, progressive discipline, and a Loudermill hearing process does not have to be followed in our state because we are “at-will”. Answer: There is alot of confusion over this issue and well-intentioned attorneys who oversimplify the complexity of the law are not necessarily helpful.

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