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Injured Dallas Firefighters File $100 Million Suit

Three Dallas firefighters who were severely injured in a natural gas explosion last September, have filed suit seeking $100 million in damages against four parties. Captain Christopher Gadomski, Engineer Ronald Hall, and Officer Pauline Perez suffered second and third degree burns as well as traumatic blast injuries on September 29, 2021.

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VLOG: Burn Litigation and the Firefighter’s Rule

In this episode, Curt and attorney Paul Samakow discuss the Firefighter’s Rule, and in particular the challenges of recovering damages for burn injuries. Paul is a nationally known advocate for burn survivors and their families. He has a national practice representing burn survivors.

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Disabled Missouri Firefighter Must Be Compensated in Full

A Missouri firefighter who was severely injured in 2006 at a fatal fire, has prevailed in a suit to continue earning her full pay while recuperating from her injuries. Cindy Schuenke, 50, was a firefighter paramedic with the Community Fire Protection District. She was severely injured at a fire on March 29, 2006

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