Second Sexual Assault Suit Filed Against Utah Chief

A second lawsuit has been filed against a Utah fire department and a former assistant chief alleging sexual assault. Whitney Ottley filed suit last month against Assistant Fire Chief Austin James Corry and the Kanosh Volunteer Fire Department claiming she was raped in the firehouse in November 2016. Criminal charges were filed against Corry last year.

Corry is already facing criminal sexual assault charges and a civil lawsuit filed by a female firefighter who alleges he harassed her over an extended period of time and raped her on three occasions. The first suit was filed last April. The same law firm is representing the plaintiff-victims in both cases.

According to the complaint:

  • Plaintiff … has a small business where she produced baked goods for sale.
  • She first came into contact with Assistant Fire Chief Corry through Facebook when he placed an order for cookies in November 2016.
  • Their arrangement was for Assistant Fire Chief Corry to pick up the cookies from Plaintiff’s place of employment but instead, he contacted her at approximately 10:00 p.m. claiming that he could not leave the Fire Station.
  • She agreed to drop off the cookies at the Fire Station, not knowing that he would be there alone.
  • Upon knocking on the Fire Station door, Plaintiff was let in by Assistant Fire Chief Corry.
  • He locked the door behind her and told her “this will only take a minute.”
  • After the door was locked behind her, Plaintiff discovered that they were alone in the Fire Station. Assistant Fire Chief Corry then grabbed Plaintiff by the throat and proceeded to force her past an office area to where a flatbed fire truck was parked.
  • Without releasing her, Corry forced Plaintiff up onto the back of the fire truck.
  • Corry kept repeating a mantra of “this will only take a minute.”
  • Corry ripped off Plaintiff’s pants and raped her.
  • The entire time from when Corry first grabbed her until he allowed her to leave after he had finished raping her, Plaintiff was crying and repeatedly telling Corry “no.”
  • Assistant Fire Chief Corry disregarded Plaintiff’s protests and continued his assault.
  • Assistant Fire Chief Corry physically restrained Plaintiff at the Department so that he could sexually assault her; used his superior physical strength over Plaintiff so that he could sexually assault her; relied on the inherent trust place by the public in the members of government departments, such as the Fire Department, to require her to come to the fire station for the sole purpose of making her available for his assault; used his unfettered supervisory control of the Fire Department facility and its employees, to ensure that his assault of Plaintiff could proceed without interruption or witness; and did so without fear of repercussion as his direct supervisor was his father – Fire Chief and Millard County Sheriff Scott Corry.

Here is a copy of the complaint:

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